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Volvo turns up the heat on Tesla

Volvo may be the one brand that can usurp Tesla's reign as the king of cool electric cars.

Nissan hints at building new U.S. assembly plant

Nissan is squeezing all it can from its U.S. assembly plants and will need to build a new factory if it keeps growing in the lucrative American auto market, a top executive says.
■ Ghosn's ace for growth: Suppliers

Camry, Accord ready to rumble

The marketing efforts underway at Toyota and Honda aren't just about the horse race or bragging rights.

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Could underdog Geely rule the world?

China’s great disruptor: Could underdog Geely rule the world? Plus, a chance to tempt die-hard Tesla fans?

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NAFTA talks, with little movement, may end in stalemate

Talks to update NAFTA appeared to be in danger of grinding toward a stalemate amid complaints of American negotiators' inflexibility, people familiar with the process said on Sunday.

Waymo sketches out long-range business plan

The first fully self-driving cars will be in ride-hailing fleets, which Waymo says will lead to learning more about the tech and how consumers use it.

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Ford dropping C-Max in U.S.

Ford's decision ends a six-year run for a once-promising nameplate doomed by sluggish electrified vehicle demand and overstated mileage claims.

Redesigning the Industry

In the second of our 5-part series, we look at how fast and unrelenting changes in technology have forced automakers to re-examine what they want to be and how they want to get there.

2017 40 Under 40

Last week in Detroit, three automotive trade experts discussed the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Among the questions they covered: Who stands to lose the most if NAFTA falls? Does a unified voice on NAFTA exist? If not, who should lead the charge?