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Capitol HondaSan Jose, Calif
Capitol Honda
Holiday lunch and raffle

Dealership Group: Penske Automotive Group

General Manager: Chuck Caruso

Full-time employees: 142

2014 new-vehicle sales: 2,232, down 13%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 1,296, up 13%

Cool perk: Events and parties throughout the year to honor employees as well as members of the dealership's soccer, softball and football teams

Employee benefit: After one year of employment, advisers, countermen and technicians can receive a monthly longevity bonus. The bonus increases incrementally for five years. At that point, increases stop, but the bonus continues as long they are employed.

Jon Hagan, parts and service director, on a pay plan change: "In the service drive, we have changed adviser pay plans with less weight on individual performance and more focus on overall department performance. We have split the original draw and give half as a salary and half as an advance. They still have an individual performance element but now have team performance elements and overall store customer satisfaction elements. It has been very beneficial for our customers and eliminated the 'not my customer' comments. This drives everyone to take care of everyone's customers and leads to a much more customer-friendly environment and teamwork with all work groups."

Osvaldo Tapia, lead service porter, on a change made in response to staff request: "A porter suggested that we open our rear gate during business hours for technician test drives to help eliminate/reduce traffic through our driveway. This has been beneficial in reducing lot damage and bottlenecks. "A shuttle driver suggested a 'smart' system of pickups and drop-offs using a ZIP code map and strategic dispatch. This has been a great improvement in efficiency as well as a large reduction in fuel consumption and wear and tear on our vehicles. "Both employees were recognized in store meetings and given gift cards to encourage more ideas."