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Don Chalmers FordRio Rancho, NM
Don Chalmers Ford
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Dealer: Gary Housley

Dealership Group:

Full-time employees: 165

2014 new-vehicle sales: 1,831, up 2.6%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 1,365, down 10%

Cool perk: Dealership is closed on Sundays so employees can be with their families.

Employee benefit: Free, on-site health and wellness clinic with a nurse practitioner that employees and their families can visit to improve their health care or address an illness.

Lee Butler, director of performance excellence, on compensation: "We implemented a Career Builder program about 18 months ago for sales consultants. The program provides an hourly rate while they learn our processes and systems. We have had 75 percent retention with these employees - higher than our average. Those that meet their monthly productivity goal over the first three months can stay on the program if they choose. Those that have not met their goals are placed on commission-based pay after three to six months, depending on the circumstances. This helps incentivize them to increase productivity and hit their goals.

Butler on a change made in response to staff request: "In monthly Driving Forward meetings, managers ask employees what's on their minds to help us find opportunities for improvement. The manager documents the idea, and it is reviewed with the senior leadership team. One idea was to change the way the sales manager alerts the delivery department of a sold vehicle to expedite the paperwork and ensure we get the right vehicle ready. The employee was given a gift card."