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Planet SubaruHanover, Mass
Planet Subaru

Dealer: Jeff Morrill

Dealership Group:

Full-time employees: 48

2014 new-vehicle sales: 1,005, up 15%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 815, up 6.5%

Cool perk: Sales team members receive three flex days per month, in addition to their regular days off, to spend with their families and recharge.

Employee benefit: Innovative recruiting process to increase diversity levels far beyond the typical dealership's. For example, five of the 12 salespeople are women, and three of the six service counter team members are women.

Morrill on supporting charities: "We choose charities led by our customers. When we reinvest in the community, we do so with money originally spent by our customers, so we want to keep that cycle going."

Morrill on hiring: "We hire our sales team members almost exclusively from outside the car business. First, we like the math better: The pool of talented people who have never worked in the auto industry is much larger than the pool of those that have. Second, we like to train 'green peas' on our unique selling system without the difficulty of removing bad habits formed at our competitors."