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Faulkner HyundaiPhiladelphia, Pa
Faulkner Hyundai

Dealership Group: The Faulkner Organization

General Manager: Mike Rocchi

Full-time employees: 41

2014 new-vehicle sales: 868, down 2.3%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 522, down 9.7%

Cool perk: Employees who consistently provide exceptional customer service are rewarded with tickets to major sporting events in Philadelphia: Eagles, Phillies, 76ers and Flyers.

Employee benefit: Every year, to celebrate exceptional performance, the management team solicits ideas from employees for a fun outing or event. This past year, the team went deep-sea fishing. Although no one caught any fish, they had a fantastic time. For many, it was their first experience.

Rocchi on compensation: "Our employees are paid generously and have the ability to make more. There is virtually no turnover in any department."

Rocchi on supporting charities: "Everyone in the store has been informed that if they hear of a charity or a needy family or person to bring it to the general manager. We then sit down with a representative from each department and decide if we want to help that particular person or group."

Rocchi on a change made in response to staff request: "A new-car salesperson came up with a better idea on rotating the new-car inventory to ensure that we had the oldest vehicle up front to sell. He was asked if he had an idea on how we could reward him. He asked if we could buy lunch for the entire dealership. This was well-received by everyone and showed how all the employees work together."

Rocchi on hiring: "I very rarely hire any employees from other dealerships for any department. I have learned that we retain more employees if they have never worked at any other dealership. They learn the ‘Faulkner Way' and our culture."