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Greg May HondaWaco, Texas
Greg May Honda
Gold rings with diamonds for Greg May 20 Club members

Dealer: Greg May

Dealership Group: Greg May Auto Group

Full-time employees: 40

2014 new-vehicle sales: 933, up 29%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 655, up 26%

Cool perk: Greg May 20 Club - a salesperson receives a gold ring after selling 20 vehicles in one month, then each subsequent month they hit 20 vehicles, they receive a diamond in the ring until it is full.

Employee benefit: Monthly staff appreciation luncheons during which employees celebrating birthdays that month get an envelope of cash

Marketing Director Mary Hromadka on supporting charities: "We assess charities based on our employees' passions and the need from individual community-related charities first. Then, we process requests from outside charities with no employee ties."

Hromadka on hiring: "We have hired individuals from other stores, but we are also open to hiring sales-oriented individuals. They both bring unique perspectives and sometimes fresh ideas to our organization."