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Niello Maserati-FiatSacramento, Calif
Niello Maserati-Fiat
Employees and customers gathered on a cold winter evening for a caravan drive through beautifully decorated neighborhoods of lights after a private dinner and Fiat decorating contest.

Dealer: Richard Niello Jr.

Dealership Group: The Niello Company

Full-time employees: 27

2014 new-vehicle sales: 551, up 120%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 178, up 13%

Cool perk: Food. Department lunches, dinners, nights out. Some as rewards, others just random.

Employee benefit: Stress-free, enjoyable, lighthearted environment fostered by longer-term goals than the traditional month-to-month performance goals.

General Manager Adam Van Coops on examples of promoting from within: "In the last three years, we have promoted one used-car assistant to sales consultant, technician to service adviser, porter to technician, sales consultant to sales manager, sales consultant to floor manager and receptionist to accounts payable. Since the store opened in May 2007, our general manager has grown from sales to general manager and has continued the culture of promotion from within."

Van Coops on hiring: "We try to recruit the top-level talent from in and out of the auto industry. There are advantages to both, but it is all about the people. With the changing automotive landscape, we must look to nonindustry employees as we start to implement nonindustry processes."