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Yark BMWToledo, Ohio
Yark BMW
Jordan Spieth autographs a program at an event sponsored by Yark BMW at the Toledo Inverness Club to benefit the area's youth.

Dealer: John Yark

Dealership Group: Yark Automotive Group

Full-time employees: 29

2014 new-vehicle sales: 279, down 0.7%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 274, down 7.1%

Cool perk: Yark Employee Hockey Night at a Toledo Walleye game

Employee benefit: Yark Farming Co-op - employees can purchase a share of organic fruits and veggies from a local farm, delivered to the dealership.

Vice President Doug Kearns on promoting from within: "BMW has instituted a program where tech-savvy employees are trained to become BMW Geniuses. They know all aspects of the vehicle and provide a detailed and thorough delivery experience. This exposure and knowledge of the product has led directly to promotions within the growing sales staff."

Kearns on supporting charities: "We screen each request on its own individual merits. We typically will steer away from charity events that already have another dealer involved. As we feel all dealers can contribute in some way, we typically will pick up an event that does not have another dealer supporting it. In this manner, we collectively in automotive can help as many people as possible in our community."