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Sunrise ChevroletGlendale Heights, Ill
Sunrise Chevrolet
Employees show their support for breast cancer awareness by wearing pink shirts every Friday in October.

Dealer: Richard Garber

Dealership Group: Garber Automotive Group

Full-time employees: 104

2014 new-vehicle sales: 954, down 1.8%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 747, up 0.8%

Cool perk: Quarterly company-sponsored outing such as a day at the track, paintball or bowling

Employee benefit: Quarterly Gung-Ho, which is a peer recognition program

Brian Kurtz, used-vehicle manager, on compensation: "Within the last year, we changed our salespeople pay plans to include a base salary and bonus. Not only have we retained all our salespeople, but it has increased their motivation and our sales. It also helps us recruit better salespeople."

Parts Manager Mike Hogan on a change made in response to staff request: "We had an issue with our parts department accessories. The shipping and receiving employee came up with a new system in which to track the accessories, and we are currently using the system. This resolved all the issues we had, and our accessory department has never been more efficient. He was awarded employee of the month and received our Gung-Ho award."