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Scholfield HondaWichita, Kan
Scholfield Honda
Employees get good news.

Dealer: Roger Scholfield

Dealership Group: Scholfield Automotive Group

Full-time employees: 107

2014 new-vehicle sales: 1,471, up 35%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 1,527, up 41%

Cool perk: Lunch provided every Saturday for all service and sales personnel

Employee benefit: Free counseling program that covers financial and legal matters, wellness programs, emotional concerns, alcohol and drug abuse and child-rearing issues

Scholfield on supporting charities: "We always ask charities to submit in writing in the fourth quarter for donation considerations in the following year. We also set aside a budget of around $250 per month for charities of our clients that might crop up unexpectedly. Most importantly, we have a large delivery center and a large conference room that we let various organizations use. We've had everything from a women's self-defense class to a Boy Scout Pinewood Derby in our delivery center. Our conference room has been lent out at no charge to our local recycling company board, a group of ladies who make quilts for injured vets and a local bicycle club."

Scholfield on a change made in response to staff request: "Every year, we hold 1 Thing Meetings. We ask employees to offer suggestions to reduce expenses or waste. Some of the suggestions were buying coffee mugs for staff to reduce coffee cup waste, changing from Styrofoam to recycled paper cups and using cloth mechanic gloves instead of rubber ones for techs. We offered cash incentives up to $300 for best ideas."

Scholfield on hiring: "We try to hire outside of the auto industry. We have very high standards and find that most former dealership employees have been improperly trained or have had bad experiences. We like to hire people who have had some retail sales experience or accounting, just rarely is it automotive. We hire great attitudes and then train them to do a great job."