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AutoNation Acura Gulf FreewayLeague City, Texas
AutoNation Acura Gulf Freeway

Dealership Group: AutoNation, Inc.

General Manager: Brian Wilson

Full-time employees: 38

2014 new-vehicle sales: 652, up 3.5%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 514, up 11%

Cool perk: AutoNation associate night at local sporting events. Each associate may bring his or her family and enjoy an evening watching their local professional or semiprofessional team.

Employee benefit: Annual employee fishing tournament, softball game, football game and crawfish boil

Wilson on a change made in response to staff request: "One of our associates asked if we could do a suggestion box to generate ideas from both the staff and the customers on how to make things more enjoyable at the store. The suggestion box has been key. Both the customers and our associates appreciate having their voices heard, and we have received some great suggestions."

Wilson on hiring: "We like to hire from other customer service industries and then teach them our process. We believe that a process and a product can be learned, but you either have good people skills and a customer-focused attitude or you don't, and that cannot be taught."