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Carbone SubaruTroy, NY
Carbone Subaru
Sales consultants take a "selfie" before heading out to broom off cars on a harsh winter day.

Dealer: Alex Carbone, Joe Carbone

Dealership Group: Carbone Auto Group

Full-time employees: 46

2014 new-vehicle sales: 1,087, up 31%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 713, up 68%

Cool perk: An on-site nutritionist provides group sessions, individual guidance and support. Topics include metabolism, toxins, gastrointestinal health, exercise routines and tips on meal purchasing and preparation.

Employee benefit: A scholarship program for employees' children who are graduating from high school and are college-bound. Selected applicants receive $2,500 Joseph & Inez E. Carbone Scholarships in memory of Carbone Auto Group's founder and his wife.

Enessa Carbone, Carbone Auto Group CEO, on supporting charities: "It is our culture of the Carbone Auto Group to support the communities that we do business in. The issue always becomes, have we made an impact with what we have contributed, and how can we maximize that impact moving forward? Our choices often come down to community needs as well as employee interests. From supporting large, national charities, such as the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross, to local food banks, shelters and programs for at-risk kids, right down to a sponsored benefit for a family in need, we try to support each and every avenue we can."

Kevin Hoagland, general sales manager, on hiring salespeople: "In my experience, the key to a successful sales team is the balance of experience, knowledge, creativity, drive, aptitude and attitude on the floor. This comes from hiring, coaching and maintaining a variety of talent. A tenured salesperson within the industry may be a top producer but may also be resistant to change. A fresh recruit from outside the industry can bring new ideas, perspective and growth to the business but may not push out as many units as the seasoned salesperson. This balance is crucial as the industry, work force and customer base evolves."