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George Matick ChevroletRedford, Mich
George Matick Chevrolet
This special Honor Guard of employees was selected to raise the giant new flag during the "Michigan's tallest flagpole" dedication ceremony honoring founder George Matick Jr.

Dealer: Karl Zimmermann

Dealership Group:

Full-time employees: 163

2014 new-vehicle sales: 2,476, up 22%

2014 used-vehicle sales: 1,127, up 28%

Cool perk: The Corvette Weekend Experience - sales team members who achieve more than 30 deliveries in one month earn more lucrative bonus payouts, flexible work schedules and a new Corvette for a weekend.

Employee benefit: George Matick Jr. Memorial Hillsdale College Scholarship - three months after the death of founder George Matick Jr., who was a Hillsdale graduate, his wife, Katie Matick, announced a fully endowed, full-tuition scholarship to begin in the 2015-16 school year for a family member of a Matick Chevrolet employee. When there is not an employee family member eligible, the scholarship can be awarded to a deserving student from Redford Township.

Zimmermann on supporting charities: "Geography. Passion. Involvement. Effectiveness. Our first bias is to those efforts which benefit Redford Township, the community where we are located. Secondly is to northwest Detroit, near where we're located. We are deeply committed to being a good, influential citizen within our community, to give back and make better. We also have many big-hearted Matick team members who are deeply passionate about certain causes. If those team members are actively involved in their charity of choice, we will support them. Veterans causes, cancer research and inner-city education are among our most actively supported efforts. We also sponsor local Little League and youth football teams."

Ryan Esler, sales and marketing director, on a change made in response to staff request: "Our rental vehicle coordinator and a service consultant proposed that guests returning rental cars should pull them into our service reception center as opposed to parking in our main lot, coming indoors, then going back outdoors for inspection of the vehicle. So now, the rental cars are returned in our 20-vehicle service reception center. This saves the customer time and movement and also allows for quicker, more comprehensive inspections. We've received great feedback from staff and customers about this seemingly small change that is reaping big benefits for our guests."