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U.S. EXECUTIVE ASIAN AUTOMAKER: Tom Doll, President, Subaru of America
Tom Doll has led Subaru on a meteoric rise with six straight years of record U.S. sales by keeping the brand focused on a tight core of products.

Doll, 60, is president of Subaru of America ó only the second American in Subaruís history to hold that job.

Subaru continues to appeal because of the ruggedness and safety of its all-wheel-drive cars and crossovers. Marketing has stayed focused on the kind of buyers Subaru has appealed to rather than the mass market.

Doll has focused dealerships on their service departments so they can maintain and repair the increasing number of Subarus on the road. To date, dealers have spent more than $300 million on the Fixed Operations Expansion program; 42 percent of Subaruís 561 dealers have agreed to participate.