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MARKETING (TEAM): Paul Edwards and Gary Pascoe, , General Motors and Commonweath//McCann
Edwards is Vice president, Chevrolet marketing
Pascoe is Chief creative officer, Commonweath// McCann

Chevrolet and its ad agency, Commonwealth//McCann, are making waves in the marketing world. The duo, under the leadership of Paul Edwards, 46, and Gary Pascoe, 47, caused widespread panic in February after “blacking out” the Super Bowl with a 30-second ad for the Colorado midsize pickup that fooled many into thinking their TV screens had gone blank.

Two months later, Chevrolet leveraged social media with the #BestDayEver experiential marketing push on April Fools’ Day that coincided with the launch of the Chevrolet Malibu. The national #BestDayEver campaign, which featured a surprise Kid Rock concert for soldiers in Florida and a Kelly Clarkson performance in Los Angeles for pregnant women and new moms, drew a positive tweet about Chevrolet and its activities that day every 1.4 seconds for 24 straight hours.

And who could forget the “technology and stuff” fiasco that turned into a viral marketing bonanza for the brand after a nervous Chevrolet regional zone manager stumbled through the 2014 World Series MVP presentation?

Chevrolet and Commonwealth acted quickly in the hours after Rikk Wilde’s speech by modifying several Colorado spots with Wilde’s “technology and stuff” phrase that were posted online and run on TV when the mishap was still fresh in consumers’ minds.