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DESIGN: Moray Callum, Vice president, design, Ford Motor Co.
Ford dropped show-stealing designs seemingly out of nowhere in both Detroit and New York this year. The GT supercar, secretly crafted in a basement room over just 14 months, melds Fordís ambitions in lightweighting and advanced technology into a stunning visual package. And the Lincoln Continental marks a welcome new styling direction for Fordís premium brand.

Though the GT and Continental officially were labeled as concepts, Fordís vice president of design, Moray Callum, says both closely resemble the production cars coming to market in 2016. Callum, 57, who replaced the retiring J Mays in early 2014, oversees all design work for both brands, with one of his tasks being to draw more distinctions between them.

In the past year, heís given the Ford Explorer, Edge and Escape a more upscale appearance, helping them command higher prices and stand out in a sea of red-hot utility vehicles. Says Callum: ďThe days of the bean counters holding us back are gone.Ē