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PUBLIC RELATIONS: Michael McHale, Director of corporate communications, Subaru of America
Michael McHale has been a key player in positioning Subaru ó whose U.S. sales have tripled over the past seven years ó as a serious competitor in the volume segment.

McHale, 50 and a Brit, has helped breathe new life into the once-quirky Japanese brand by plunging it into social media and carefully targeting messages to the conquest buyers who have fueled Subaruís skyrocketing sales.

He bolstered the brandís social media presence with campaigns that played up Subaruís love-themed marketing and emphasis on ownersí active life-styles, their pets and the outdoors.

McHale oversees retailer communications and has helped Subaru strengthen its ties with dealers.

He also revitalized Subaruís motorsports program, and the brand won this yearís Rally America National Manufacturers Championship.