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LABOR RELATIONS: UAW rank and file, ,
The award goes to the 140,000 hourly workers at the Detroit 3 who demanded that the divisive two-tier wage system be eliminated during this year’s collective bargaining.

In the first set of negotiations with Fiat Chrysler, UAW leadership tried to get by with half-measures on Tier 2. The 40,000 hourly workers at FCA roundly rejected a tentative agreement.

Emboldened by the rank and file’s willingness to strike over the issue, UAW negotiators went back to the drawing board and got FCA approval for a pathway to full pay for all FCA workers through an eight-year ladder of annual, predetermined wage increases.

That pattern carried over to contracts with General Motors and Ford Motor Co. The rich contracts that workers fought for include wage increases for legacy workers, the pathway to full pay for Tier 2 workers and signing bonuses ranging from $3,000 at FCA to $8,500 at Ford.