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2018 Best Dealerships To Work For in Canada

The annual list of the top 25 Best Dealerships to Work for in Canada, as they appeared in the October print edition of Automotive News Canada. They were selected by Best Companies Group, which was enlisted by Automotive News Canada to analyze surveys submitted by dealership staff from coast to coast.

Congratulations to the 2018 Best Dealerships To Work For in Canada. Editorial coverage

More women in dealerships is just plain good for business

Among the 25 winners of Automotive News Canada's inaugural Best Dealerships To Work For in Canada, the percentage of women workers ranged from a low of three per cent to a high of 44 per cent.

Top dealerships go the extra mile to have stores reflect it's not a man's world

Dealerships surveyed for Automotive News Canada's Best Dealerships To Work For program said they placed importance on increasing the number of women working in their stores.

How dealerships can de-stress for success

Dealership jobs often can be stressful. Many dealers who made the list of the Best Dealerships To Work For told Automotive News Canada that they recognized the need to help employees relieve stress and have fun.

Dealerships struggle to find tech talent

Competition and the 'grease monkey' image are making it hard to attract young and talented service technicians. Many are lured away to non-automotive companies.

So, you screwed up? Ford dealership wants workers to admit mistakes

James Braden values transparency and urges employees at his Ford dealership to identify mistakes they, their peers or management make, and then publicly share those problems and offer solutions.

Valuing workers is priceless for dealers

Although tactics vary, the common element identified by the Best Dealerships To Work For competition is as profound as it is simple: Make employees know they're valued.

Engaging staff creates a 'passion to succeed'

There are many ways to win over workers; what's critical is caring and commitment.

'Best Dealerships,' we salute you

Being named a Best Dealership is significant because the distinction reflects not just feedback from management but also from staff.

'Best Dealerships' give staff more than ping-pong tables and days off

While an extra day off is nice and, it won't move the needle much when it comes to determining the Best Dealerships To Work For In Canada. The process is much more complex than that.

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