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Key Business Contacts
KC Crain    313-446-1681
Group Publisher
Jason Stein    313-446-0376
Publisher and Editor
Karen R. Rentschler    313-446-6058
Director of Sales

Automotive News Canada Editorial                              
Mark Atkinson    (506) 292-6648
Rob Bostelaar    (613) 828-1742
Ottawa Correspondent
Jeremy Cato    (604) 306-5240
Vancouver Correspondent
Benoit Charette    (514) 594-3726
Montréal Correspondent
Michael Goetz    (647) 967-3801
Toronto Correspondent
Dave Guilford    313-446-0321
Managing Editor
John Irwin    313-446-6013
Joe Knycha    (204) 648-5733
News Editor
Greg Layson    519-567-8877
Digital and Mobile Editor
Perry Lefko
Toronto Correspondent
Grace Macaluso    226-787-0441
Managing Editor
Jil McIntosh    (905) 213-9475
Toronto Correspondent
Bill McLauchlan    (416) 697-8986
Toronto Correspondent
Jeff Melnychuk    (506) 854-5024
Steve Mertl    (604) 551-8653
Vancouver Correspondent
Harry Pegg    (403) 850-9722
Calgary Correspondent
Mark Richardson    (289) 691-3007
Jeremy Sinek    (905) 601-3275
Toronto Correspondent
Kelly Taylor    (204) 795-5892
Winnipeg Correspondent


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