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Welcome to the Automotive News Data Center - the industry's primary source of automotive sales, production, inventory and incentive data.

Subscriptions to the Data Center are sold separately from standard Automotive News subscriptions, and we offer two levels of Data Center access to meet your needs. A Limited Access subscription will allow you to download flat PDF and Excel files of our data tables and lists. A Full Access subscription will also grant you access to our three custom data tools - Market Reports, Analytics Engine and Dealer Incentives - which allow you to build custom datasets, generate your own visual graphs and charts, save frequently used data sets for later reference, and more.

If you're already subscribed to the Data Center, enter your login information in the box on this page to begin. If you're not already a subscriber, we encourage you to subscribe to the leading source of automotive data today!

Limited Access

View and download spreadsheets and PDF data files.

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Full Access

Graph the data with an easy-to-use visual interface.

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Compare and contrast the data that's important to you.

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Explore current incentives by brand, region and ZIP code.

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Getting Started

Watch this video for a brief how-to overview, or use the Explore buttons below to see the new tools for yourself.

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For more information about the new Automotive News Data Center, email Mary Raetz:

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Data Tables & Lists    
North American Production Data Yes Yes
North American Sales Data Yes Yes
U.S. Inventory Data Yes Yes
Europe Data Yes Yes
Dealer Data Yes Yes
Customer Incentive Data Yes Yes
Valuable Data Supplements Yes Yes
Download select data tables in Excel format Yes Yes
Download all data tables in PDF format Yes Yes
Analytics Engine    
Build custom graphs comparing various automotive data No Yes
Export graphs as images for use in presentations, reports No Yes
Save frequently-used and custom graphs for later reference No Yes
Market Reports    
Generate various automotive data reports across various levels of detail and timeframes No Yes
Download Market Reports in CSV or Excel format for further manipulation No Yes
Dealer Incentives    
Explore customer and dealer incentives and rebate data by vehicle & ZIP code No Yes

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