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Nissan's lax inspections started at least 20 years ago, report says

Nissan's inappropriate inspection practices have been going for at least 20 years, Japanese broadcaster NHK said. The report followed a decision by the automaker to suspend domestic vehicle production to address misconduct in its final inspection procedures, which has led to a recall of 1.2 million cars sold in Japan.

UPDATED: 10/19/17 10:21 am ET - adds details
UPDATED: 10/18/17 10:40 am ET
Toyota targets 621-mile driving range with fuel cell concept

Toyota will expand its hydrogen fuel cell reach at the Tokyo Motor Show with a fuel cell city bus it aims to commercialize and a fuel cell passenger vehicle concept.

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Nissan recall shows how strict Japan is

Nissan recalls every passenger vehicle it has sold in Japan over the past three years, thanks to an administrative gaffe. The misstep shows how the heavy regulations that foreign automakers often cite as hurdles in Japan can come back to bite local players too.

UPDATED: 10/4/17 9:43 am ET -- adds details, background
Honda to close Japan plant amid refocus on EVs

Honda is taking the rare step of shuttering a Japanese assembly plant as it rearranges its domestic factory footprint to shift manufacturing toward electrified cars.

Japan offers proof of Jeep's global appeal

Jeep's success in Japan is testimony to global brand power that is attracting acquisition interest from China and beyond. It also counters the notion that it's impossible to sell American vehicles there.

Ford explores strategic alliance with India's Mahindra

Ford Motor Co. and Indian automaker Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. are exploring forming a strategic alliance as the U.S. automaker tries to gain a foothold in a country that's set to become the world's third-biggest car market.

Honda's packs N-Box with surprises

Honda's redesigned N-Box minicar touts an improved powertrain and driver assist safety technologies to hang on to its title as Japan's No.1 minicar .