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GM expanding Maven peer-to-peer car-sharing program
Michael Wayland | @MikeWayland |

General Motors plans to expand its Maven peer-to-peer car sharing initiative to 10 cities by the end of the year.

Nvidia's first autonomous safety report promotes simulations
Edward Niedermeyer | @tweetermeyer |

Simulated test drives enable the company to "catch a lot of things we wouldn't be able to catch otherwise, or which would take forever to see in the real world."

Ford will place next self-driving fleet in Washington, D.C.
Pete Bigelow | @PeterCBigelow |

Ford plans to make the nation's capital a pillar in its strategy to commercially deploy self-driving vehicles.

London taxi company Addison Lee promises self-driving cars by 2021
Jeremy Kahn |

A fleet of autonomous taxis could roll onto the streets of London within three years, after one of city's biggest private-hire taxi companies struck a deal with a maker of autonomous vehicle software.

This Chinese EV pioneer has a big brother problem
Anjani Trivedi |

Nio, the Chinese EV maker that raised almost $1 billion in recent IPO, is banking on its smart and connected car. But there are concerns over data privacy.

Honda's V2X technology at a crossroads
Vince Bond Jr. | @VinceBond86 |

Last November, the city of Marysville, Ohio, mounted four cameras above the traffic lights at an nondescript intersection as part of a pilot project with Honda.

Navya's small plant houses big plans
Dave Guilford |

Navya, the French maker of autonomous shuttle buses, has opened an assembly plant in Michigan and plans to add a robotaxi to its lineup.

Dealers' eyes 'wide open' on mobility shifts
Hannah Lutz | @hm_lutz |

Dealers are expecting a steeper decline in personal vehicle ownership in the next five years than consumers, but they're not afraid of the change, according to Cox Automotive.

Rivian ready to reveal first products in L.A.
Shiraz Ahmed | @shirazzzz |

The suburban Detroit electric-vehicle aspirant Rivian Automotive, spearheaded by car geek and MIT graduate RJ Scaringe, will show its first two models next month.

Can suppliers handle autonomous-era exposure?
Daron Gifford |

Few small parts suppliers have ever faced the kind of negative attention that comes with headline-making accidents.

Nexteer's Quiet Wheel could make some noise
Jack Walsworth | @jackwalsworth |

Nexteer Automotive believes that if steering wheels end up being in vehicles with autonomous technology, why have them spin all the time? self-driving service doubles down
Pete Bigelow | @PeterCBigelow |

In the summer, Silicon Valley startup was among the first to launch commercial service with autonomous vehicles.


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