The new whiz kids: High school engineering students are cool -- finally

With billions being invested in developing self-driving vehicles and stricter fuel economy and emissions targets still ahead, the need for computer programmers and engineers continues to increase. An annual robotics competition among elementary and high school students has succeeded not only in making science and technology cool, it has changed young lives and is providing a future pool of engineering recruits.


Bank programs could alter dealership-customer relations

New car-shopping programs from Bank of America and Chase aim to provide leads to dealerships. But what are the risks?

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BLOG: Katie Burke
In the business of the future, beware certainty

When you're covering a technology such as self-driving cars that poses more questions than answers, reports such as last week's claiming to measure the progress of 18 companies can be tempting.

BLOG: Hannah Lutz
For some states, it's time to revamp CFPB structure

Last month 15 state attorneys general filed an amicus brief supporting the call to restructure the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Attorneys general often pride themselves on being the voice and advocate of the consumer, so criticizing a group that claims to fight for consumer protection appears out of character. Even so, the situation sheds even more light on the unusual set up of the CFPB.

BLOG: Jake Lingeman | UPDATED: 4/7/17 1:25 pm ET
Infiniti preps QX80 Monograph concept for New York

Days after hinting of a big reveal at the New York auto show, Infiniti said it will introduce the QX80 Monograph concept to signal the brand's efforts to advance its standing in the large-SUV market.