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All in a day's work

• 10/1/2018

Security professionals lament that industries tend to underappreciate the risks they face until a major hack or breach jolts them awake. On July 1, a robotics supplier received just such a jolt.

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Hello, World
• 10/1/2018

We set out to make this issue of Shift all about cybersecurity, but we ended up writing mostly about hackers.

Gimme trouble
• 10/1/2018

Like a teacher walking around school with a "kick me" sign on his back, Trillium Secure CEO David Uze traveled across the country asking for trouble.

Hackers find the key to vulnerability
• 10/1/2018

Hackers managed to copy a Tesla Model S key in two seconds with just $600 of equipment, researchers have said.

How did Israel become a leader in cybersecurity?
• 10/1/2018

They call it the 8200 Unit, an elite part of the Israeli Defense Force that is becoming the training ground for some of the hottest cybersecurity companies in the world.

The fast and the fictional
• 10/1/2018

Last year's eighth installment of "The Fast and the Furious" franchise, "The Fate of the Furious," preyed upon a real-world fear: In one sequence, the superhacker commandeers a fleet of New York City cars, using them as her...

Sleeping with the enemy
• 10/1/2018

As cybersecurity becomes an ever-more pressing concern for automakers, the auto industry is embracing bug bounty programs.

Who wears a white hat?
• 10/1/2018

Sometimes the tricky world of white-hat hacking gets mixed up in the minefield that is global politics, and it can get messy.

Protecting manufacturing plants from hacks
• 10/1/2018

A study by the IBM Institute for Business Value examined the security of Industrial Internet of Things technologies.

Mum's the word
• 10/1/2018

Lawyers have been advising dealership owners to keep quiet if they realize they've faced a cybersecurity problem.