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City envy

• 7/23/2018

If you represent a city that wants to improve its transportation system and find ways to forge partnerships with local businesses, what better way to figure out the next steps than to visit other cities that are models for the future of...

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Hello, World
• 7/23/2018

To ensure your company will have a presence in the rapidly changing world of transportation and mobility, you're going to need some help. So we dedicated this issue of Shift to the idea of partnerships.

Left behind by knowledge economy, small cities look to transportation future
• 7/23/2018

For small and midsize cities, transportation innovation means more than cutting commute times.

Closed for testing
• 7/23/2018

How can a country with almost no autonomous vehicle infrastructure let companies test self-driving cars on public roads without adding layers of bureaucracy? The Israeli Department of Motor Vehicles came up with an easy yet...

How cities connect
• 7/23/2018

The process by which cities connect is complex. Its smooth operation is critical to the future of transportation.

Get to work
• 7/23/2018

A work-study program started 2013 by Columbus State Community College and Honda has grown into a job feeder for the automaker's Marysville plant.

Team players
• 7/23/2018

In the transforming auto industry, bathing everything in secrecy is like planning to fail. The size and range of batteries, and the charging infrastructure needed to power them, keeps changing.

Q&A with Diarmuid O'Connell
• 7/23/2018

As vice president of business development for Tesla, Diarmuid O'Connell led the automaker's state-by-state battle to sell its vehicles through factory-owned stores.

Partners for pizza
• 7/23/2018

When it comes to mobility partnerships, Ford Motor Co. and Domino's Pizza seemed as unlikely a combo as anchovies and pineapple on pizza. So why did they do it?

Rise of the machines
• 7/23/2018

Here's a conundrum for society: History has shown that the more we use computers and automation for common tasks, the fewer jobs there are for people.

Ask the experts
• 7/23/2018

Turns out, if you want to be a disrupter but have little to no automotive experience, you're going to need some help.

Watching drivers
• 7/23/2018

Imagine a city that tracks driver behaviors -- watching them speed up too quickly, brake hard, turn sharply -- not to hand out fines but in an effort to make its streets safer. Imagine that city is Chicago.

Waymo's way forward
• 7/23/2018

Waymo has been methodical with its partnerships, carefully picking companies to work with that can help both sides learn and grow.

Is this working for you?
• 7/23/2018

The problem of underused and overly complicated technology is part of what a new alliance, between global market research company J.D. Power and connected-technology company Harman International Industries, aims to address.

Letters on the inaugural 'Shift'
• 7/23/2018

Readers react to our first 'Shift' magazine