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Turn self-driving cars into offices? That'll take 30 years

• 11/26/2018

For as long as the possibility of self-driving cars has filled the imagination, there have been parallel dreams of what people might do inside their vehicles once freed from the monotony of driving.

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Hello, World
• 11/26/2018

One of the driving themes at Shift is that we want to be a bridge between Silicon Valley and the traditional auto industry, helping them figure each other out.

Q&A with Chris Bangle
• 11/26/2018

After 17 years with BMW, where he chief of design, Chris Bangle heads his own design consultancy.

Self-driving cars might make people sick to their stomachs
• 11/26/2018

Relax in a vehicle and read a book, stream video or drift into a well-deserved nap. These are the promised advantages of travel in a self-driving era.

A penny for your thoughts
• 11/26/2018

In a world in which we are all about to become back-seat drivers, autonomous vehicle developers are working to let passengers know what the car sees and comprehends as it moves.

The bus stops here
• 11/26/2018

Children may someday ride in self-driving school buses, but -- as a Florida community learned the hard way -- that mode of transportation is not yet ready.

Going Hollywood
• 11/26/2018

The race among carmakers to put fully autonomous vehicles on the road is poised to drive a competition of a different kind, as Hollywood revs up to jump deeper into the world of in-vehicle entertainment.

• 11/26/2018

For decades, automakers have mounted front seat tracks to the vehicle floor with a bolt at each corner.

Last mile
• 11/26/2018

A Chinese company is working on rolling out a pilot project of self-driving vending machines in the U.S. in early 2019.