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Recent authored articles

As Calif. AV population doubles, so do crashes

With three weeks left in 2018, California already has had a record year for the number of manufacturers permitted to test autonomous vehicles, the number of those vehicles permitted on the road and the number of crashes involving those vehicles.

Waymo's first commercial self-driving service launched in Phoenix

Google's autonomous driving affiliate Waymo began offering commercial service with its self-driving Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid minivans. The service is called Waymo One.

Waymo's first commercial self-driving service launches in Phoenix today

Waymo, the subsidiary spun from Google to handle autonomous driving, today started offering commercial service with its self-driving, Canada-made Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans. The service is called Waymo One.

Byton bullish about 2019 electric SUV production

In many ways, the story of Byton sounds like so many fledgling automotive companies backed by Chinese investors. The company has outlined grand plans to reinvent traditional business models. It has pinned its fortunes on an electric powertrain.

Why self-driving vehicles need a crystal ball

Predicting how pedestrians will behave around autonomous vehicles has become a key problem, one the likes of Volvo, Ford and others are trying to solve.

All wet: Rain could delay the arrival of self-driving future

New research from Michigan State University suggests light rain and drizzle can confound the algorithms that autonomous systems use to detect pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users. It's not a good sign for Canada, home to four seasons and Vancouver's infamous rain.

Ready for self-driving future? Sorry, it's drizzling out.

Even a little crummy weather might pose big problems for self-driving systems. New research from Michigan State University suggests light rain and drizzle can confound the algorithms that autonomous systems use to detect pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users.

Self-driving cars might make people sick to their stomachs

Relax in a vehicle and read a book, stream video or drift into a well-deserved nap. These are the promised advantages of travel in a self-driving era. But for more than a few passengers, any such attempts might result in a frantic search for a barf bag.

Ford and Argo embrace a steep self-driving learning curve in Miami

Miami's roads are a mess. This chaos, it turns out, is exactly why Ford has plunged headlong into testing the mettle of its autonomous-driving technology on Miami's streets.

The bus stops here

Children may someday ride in self-driving school buses, but -- as a Florida community learned the hard way -- that mode of transportation is not yet ready.

Turn self-driving cars into offices? That'll take 30 years

For as long as the possibility of self-driving cars has filled the imagination, there have been parallel dreams of what people might do inside their vehicles once freed from the monotony of driving.

Ford's blueprint to turn self-driving tech into profits

Just because Ford doesn't have plans to launch a commercial business with autonomous vehicles until 2021 does not necessarily mean the company is behind, argues Sherif Marakby, CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles.

Data shows grim picture of driving behavior near schools

A leading traffic analytics company has compiled a detailed portrait of driver behavior on roads surrounding more than 125,000 schools across the country.

Ford and Walmart start autonomous-vehicle partnership

Ford and Walmart have started a joint pilot to explore how the companies can use self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries and other consumer goods.

Volvo's subscription service copes with its success

Volvo's early success with its car subscription plan has put the company in an enviable position as automakers tinker with business models that don't revolve around traditional car ownership. But it has led to unforeseen challenges, namely a backlog of orders and tension with dealers.

A course correction at American Center for Mobility

As the American Center for Mobility finds a new management team after several high-profile departures, here's what lies ahead for this automated-vehicle testing facility.

VW, Mobileye team up on self-driving service

UPDATED: 10/29/2018 6:07 pm ET - adds details

Volkswagen and global supplier Mobileye are forging a new partnership focused on the deployment of self-driving vehicles.

Maryland startup finds self-parking spot

UPDATED: 11/2/2018 4:42 pm ET - corrected

While other self-driving developers are focused on getting passengers from Point A to Point B, Steer is more concerned about what to do with cars after occupants leave the vehicle.

Want pizza in D.C.? Ford expands self-driving service

Ford takes lessons from its self-driving delivery service in Florida to D.C., as it prepares to establish a second hub for its self-driving business.

Ford will place next self-driving fleet in Washington, D.C.

UPDATED: 10/22/18 4:25 pm ET - new story

Ford plans to make the nation's capital a pillar in its strategy to commercially deploy self-driving vehicles. Starting in the first quarter of 2019, the company will begin testing its autonomous-driving technology in Washington D.C.

Drive.ai self-driving service doubles down

In the summer, Silicon Valley startup Drive.ai was among the first to launch commercial service with autonomous vehicles. Now, it's taking the next step, launching its second route in suburban Dallas, this one open to the general public.

Rand study shows it's hard to gauge self-driving car safety

The great promise of automated vehicles is that they will be safer than human-driven ones, but finding the metrics to measure this is a complicated task that has no easy benchmarks.

Mobility startups gain traction in Detroit

While Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv are the unparalleled hot spots for advanced automotive tech, Detroit has quietly nurtured its own startups. The Techstars Mobility business incubator last week graduated its most recent class, 11 companies seeking to bring everything from tires to bike helmets into the connected age.

Lyft quickly finds 150,000 people eager to ditch their cars

Lyft's fledgling campaign to convince motorists they no longer need to own cars is off to a breakneck start, a top company executive said Tuesday.

Ford seeks collaboration on self-driving car communication with pedestrians

Ford said it's seeking an industry collaboration to establish a unified way for self-driving cars to talk to pedestrians in a straightforward and simple manner.

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